Lap Band Surgery

Lap Band Surgery

Lap Band SurgeryLap band surgery, is a weight loss surgery. A hollow ring or band is placed around the stomach which restricts the amount of food that can be eaten in one sitting & this in turn aids weight loss. The band is filled with saline and the amount of saline can be adjusted to give different weight loss results. The procedure involves no incisions, stapling or intestinal rerouting. stomach. The procedure involves no incisions or stapling of the stomach and there is no intestinal rerouting.


This video from Kim Bariatric Surgery describes how it works.

The operation can be completed in approximately an hour and there with little blood loss. The surgery is complex and it can be extremely effective so it is not surprising that it comes with a high price tag. In the U.S. a lap band surgery will cost anywhere between $13,000 and $30,000.

Lap band surgery is one surgical procedure used for weight loss but it does have its disadvantages. Patients are less likely to maintain weight loss compared to someone who has had a gastric bypass or biliopancreatic diversion surgery. Vomitting is common when a patient eats too much or the passage left to the stomach is blocked and it is possible for the band to slip or become worn.

The lap band procedure does not involve cutting into or removing any part of the digestive system and is easily reversed by simply removing the band. No intestinal re routing or removal means that nutrients are fully absorbed and therefor weight loss tends to be slower. On average, a patient loses 1-2 pounds per week in the first year. This number can vary widely depending on a person’s motivation and restriction levels.

Although lap band surgery only received FDA approval in the US in 2001 it was being performed successfully in other countries for years prior to this. In India, Mexico, Spain, Belgium and Costa Rica there are highly qualified and experienced surgeons that can perform the procedure.

32% of people who travel outside of the US for surgery go for weight loss/bariatric procedures. Due to it’s proximity Mexico is a popular option for US patients. The cost is significantly lower than in the USA. Cost savings of up to 50% can be made even after travel and accommodation expenses are taken into account, with an average price of $5250.00 for the procedure below the border.

India is obviously further away but in terms of costs it is very similar and it has the added bonus of a larger pool of English speaking doctors trained in the US and UK and state of the art hospital facilities.

As with all medical tourism prices estimates can vary massively depending on the country, facility, surgeons and procedure. Below are some prices.


Average Costs:

  • USA $15,500
  • Canada $21,250
  • Australia $12,200
  • Mexico $5,800
  • India $8,750
  • Thailand $11,800
  • Costa Rica $9,250

The prices you will be quoted abroad will include costs for many services that you might not expect. Quotes can include costs for pre-operative tests and evaluations which may include x-rays, EKG, doctor evaluation, anesthesiologist evaluation, complete blood work and urine tests, nutritionist fees, transportation to/from hospital, hospital fees, surgeons fees, anesthesiologist fees, antibiotics and pain medicine, post-operative costs for tests, care and post-op consultations before hospital discharge. What might night be included can be the cost of complications, food/bed for your travel companion, follow up visits/consultations, airfare, hotel costs before and after hospital stay.

You can google lap band surgery abroad and find endless links to follow and read up on success stories and tales of amazing care for a fraction of the cost but as always no matter where you go or how much you pay you have to be well informed and 100% ready for all eventualities such as surgical and after care complications.

The following is a video which tells the story of Monique who has had a successful lapband surgery.

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