IVF Fertility Treatment

IVF Fertility Treatment

IVF fertiliBaby_IVFty treatment is considered in cases of: tubal damage, endometriosis, or unexplained infertility in females, or infertility in males. IVF is the fertilization of egg cells with sperm outside the womb, once fertilization is confirmed after about 2-5 days, the best 2-3 embryos are then placed inside the womb with the hope of attachment and ultimately a successful full term pregnancy. If there are any other viable embryos they can be frozen and used another time.

There are over 3000 fertility clinics worldwide, 500 of which are India alone. With so many choices of destination it can be daunting when considering travelling for IVF. This is exasperated by the many other choices you need to make like, travel expenses, accommodation, language barriers, to name but a few. When you are considering an IVF treatment center there are also other factors such as

legal issues, success rates and the experience and expertise of the professionals that will be treating you. Some people opt for the assistance of a medical tourism agency, they can help you organize flights and airport transfers, visas, accommodation, local trips and tours, local representatives and possibly interpreters.

This video tells the story of  Becky Saer – she went to the CR for IVF and now has own medical tourism company.

The average cost of an in-vitro fertilization cycle (inclusive of the medicines), in the United States is about 14000 US Dollars. The treatment in Mexico and India is about 40 to 80 % lower than what is charged in USA. Be sure to ask for an all inclusive price when you are shopping around. Some clinics do not include charges for drugs. The drugs can cost $1,000 or more so it’s really important to have these included in your estimates.

Also beware when you are comparing prices, there can be extras included in you care that are not included in your original quote. Blood tests can cost $100 and extra consultation fees can add up to $300-$500. Donor sperm or eggs and the freezing or storage of embryos, can each add between $200 and $500. Add all these together with unexpected drug costs can add to $2000 extra costs and headaches.

Average Prices:

  • USA $10,000
  • Turkey $3,000
  • Portugal $4,000
  • Czech Republic $2,500
  • Canada $4,300
  • Qatar $2,800
  • Spain $5,600
  • Ukraine $6,500
  • South Africa $3,000

Click here (http://www.ivfcost.net/ivf-cost/a-comparison-of-the-ivf-cost-worldwide) for many more


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