Medical Tourism expansion in Croatia

Medical tourism in general is continually growing and evolving and Croatia is fast becoming one of the biggest destinations for medical treatments and procedures, not only in Europe but in the world. It’s membership in the European Union has opened it up to countries across Europe for traditional tourism as well as medically specific tourism.  It has also allowed it to stand with developed and western countries in terms of health care, technology, highly skilled and qualified personnel, a good reputation for providing health services, and competitive prices; this is addition to proximity and accessibility makes it a leading destination.  Croatia is also steeped in culture and heritage and has being growing as a tourist destination for many years. People also visit to experience it pristine clear sea, wine and gastronomy, mild climate, thermal and mineral springs, rivers and lakes, mountainous regions and islands, providing peace and tranquillity associated with personal care and wellness.Read the rest

Sky High costs in US fuels growth of medical tourism

Health care in the United States has been very much in the media over the past number of months. Despite efforts to increase accessibility and affordability America still has the highest costs when it comes to medical care. Even ten years after the implementation of Obamacare it is predicted that tens of millions of Americans will still be without health coverage.   A survey conducted by the International Medical Travel Journal shows that 50% of respondents believed Obamacare would have no impact on the number of American patients who are travelling abroad.

Patients in the United States pay much higher prices across the board for both care and medication compared to other countries. Those in public office claim that the health care and medical treatment available to citizens is of a superior standard to other countries, but there is very little evidence to support these claims.… Read the rest

Medical Tourists Need to Be Cautious of Legal Risks

As increasing numbers of Americans seek medical care abroad, they bring with them a set of assumptions that they are legally protected.  This is due to the highly regulated nature of medicine, physicians, and facilities in the US.  Other countries, however, may not have the same laws or regulatory agencies in place to ensure safe care — or any at all.

If you are thinking of joining the ranks of American medical tourists, do you research in the following areas.

Physician Training and Certification

Harvard Medical SchoolHealth insurance plans in the US require that doctors are properly educated and pass rigorous testing. They have to renew their license on a a regular basis and have to meet requirements on continuing education to ensure they stay up-to-date on new procedures, medicines, and diagnostic options.

Educate yourself on the certification requirements in any country where you are traveling and look into the training and background of the specific physicians, surgeons, and other medical professionals who will be involved in your treatment. … Read the rest

Thailand’s Medical Tourism Industry

Thai templeThailand is a well-known tourist destination and over the past number of decades has become increasingly popular among medical tourists. Thailand, along with neighbours Singapore and India accounts for a staggering 90% of the Asian medical tourism market. This continued popularity and the increasing figures, is attributed to the high quality and reliable care available to potential patients. And most importantly this high level of care can be received at a fraction of the cost for the same procedures at home in the United States. Medical tourists can enjoy a trip to this beautiful country, enjoying the sights, nightlife and all that Thailand has to offer, as well as a medical treatment of their choice.

One of the main reasons for people travelling to Thailand for their medical treatments is cost. Patients/ tourists can avail of procedures for a fraction of the cost they would pay in America, the UK or Australia.… Read the rest

Sex Reassignment Surgery in Thailand

Every country is famous for something; Germany is famous for its beer, Italy for its delicious cuisine and Thailand for sex reassignment surgery (SRS). There is a long list of reasons for this: cost, quality, acceptance, and culture. With regards to cost you can expect to pay from $8,000 – $20,000 dollars for a male to female sex reassignment procedure. This is in comparison to three to four times this cost in America. The difference in cost is enticing and one of the main reasons individuals would travel to Thailand for this specialized procedure. It is also the leading country for the surgery and with greater regulations and specific policy; patients have assurances of quality care and international standards.

Another reason for Thailand’s popularity when it comes to SRS is the culture of the country. Thailand is liberal with respect to sex and sexuality in general and there is an acceptance of transgender, bisexual and the gay and lesbian community.… Read the rest

Ontario medical tourism faces challenges

Ontario medical tourism faces challenges, more specifically a possible law suit. This new venture for Ontario has sparked outrage among many medical professionals and healthcare organizations. Public statements have been issued condemning the moves of hospitals such as Sunnybrook into the medical tourism industry.

A number of issues have been highlighted, one being the potential threat to Medicare; a government scheme there to ensure that all people irrespective of wealth receive the necessary care. The increase in medical tourism among hospitals may result in well off Canadians paying their way to the top of the queue. While other patients, who are more in need, have to wait for essential treatment. Essentially an increase in the medical tourism industry has the potential to create a two tier healthcare system in Canada. This will result in a public private divide, inequality and potential law suits.… Read the rest

Dominican Republic offers new Medical Tourism services

The beautiful Dominican Republic has stepped up its services with the opening of  the first robotic surgery institute in the Caribbean.  The institute will provide treatments for  prostate, kidney, gynecologic and surgical cases.  The Dominican Republic has been providing medical tourism for some time and hope to increase its offerings through this institute.  

With over 1 million Americans seeking treatment overseas the Caribbean is an excellent choice due to its close proximity to the United States.

This report from Fox News provides a comprehensive report with description and interviews.

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