Medical Tourism from Surgeon Abroad

Surgeon Abroad, is a medical tourism information site with a wealth of information on the destinations, surgeries, costs and news about the industry.  We also offer a blog covering newsworthy and topical subjects related to the industry.

About Us:

We are based in Scottsdale Arizona and offer informational websites on several topics from medical tourism to drug rehab and recovery.   You can contact us directly via email at amybarrett389(at)gmail.com or use our contact us form.

Our Team:

Amy Barrett – Director of sales and marketing
If you are interested in more information about out site or wish to advertise on our site email Amy at amybarrett389(at) gmail.com or call 602 300 6924.  You can also visit our sister site www.drugrehabcomparison.com for information and resources on recovery and rehab options.

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