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Medical Tourism is the practice of travelling outside of your country of residence in order to avail of medical treatments or procedures. The practice is becoming more and more common with approximately 750,000 American residents travelling abroad for such services each year. The growth in the medical tourism industry is driven by the relative low cost of certain treatments in other countries (often less developed), compared to rising costs for health care in America. If medical tourism is an option you are considering then it is crucial to have accurate, up to date information in order to make a safe and cost effective decision. The information available on our site will make the process of choosing a destination for your treatment somewhat easier. Surgeon Abroad is a Medical Tourism information site dedicated to offering you a broad range of unbiased information specific to the topic of medical tourism. Specifically we offer visitors to our site information on popular destinations, reputable and accredited facilities, procedures and treatments, reviews, as well as the costs and other considerations involved in taking this step. We also publish regular blog posts discussing recent news and trends in the industry, reviews, tips and advice and all aspects of what travelling abroad for medical care entails. Through dedicated research we also provide publications and guides from national and international authorities such as the World Health Organization, Centre for Disease Control, OECD, as well as updates on research conducted by the Journal of Travel Medicine and evaluations from the Joint Commission International. Making the decision to travel abroad for medical care requires vigilance, planning and consideration. Our site strives to ensure that people are fully equipped with all the information necessary; ensuring they have chosen the best option for their needs, with quality, convenience, safety and cost the priorities. .

Top Medical Tourism Destinations

Here at Surgeon Abroad we work to gather all the latest research and information with respect to medical tourism destinations, hospitals/ facilities and the treatments and procedures available. The industry is constantly changing, with new advances in technology, new procedures available, and more and more countries becoming viable options for treatments. Different countries are renowned for different procedures and some are rated highly for a whole range of medical procedures. It is important to know the best destination/s for your particular medical need and from there determine the most suitable licensed, reputable facility. Our site categorizes medical tourism information by country/ destination, procedure/ treatment and facility/ hospital. There are many countries typically associated with medical tourism; India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Brazil are some of the countries well documented and reviewed. The list of potential destinations for quality health care at reasonable prices continues to grow. Countries becoming increasingly popular include Costa Rica, Poland, Mexico, Germany, and Turkey. Surgeon Abroad strives to filter through these potential destinations, offering you guidance on the best destination specific to your particular health care needs. We are an independent, unbiased resource site and our content is presented to work as a tool in assisting you to make your decision. We do not endorse the destinations, facilities or procedures being discussed. We are not a marketing website and we are not funded or supported by any particular destination or facility. Your health and medical care requires detailed consideration; our aim is to provide you with all the options and information necessary in making an informed decision. .